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A Creative, Technology, and Design Collective

Rita XYZ is...

A tech and design collective supporting diverse creatives through mission-driven technology and design.

Our Mission is to...

1. Give future tech and design innovators the opportunity to work on real mission- and purpose-driven initiatives.

2. Support diverse small business owners and entrepreneurs (especially those just starting out with limited resources) by offering them premium website services at affordable rates.

At the end of the day, our primary goal is to support diverse creatives, whether they are tech and design innovators or small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Rita XYZ was created to support diverse creatives by creating an environment where they support one another. This creates a win-win scenario for both tech and design innovators and small business owners.

We achieve this through mission- and purpose-driven projects -specifically by bringing Webflow websites to life. The premium website services we offer are always affordable in order to support small businesses owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out with limited resources.

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Our Focus


Diverse Creatives Supporting Diverse Creatives

We've created an environment where diverse future tech and design innovators are supporting diverse small biz owners.


Purpose-Driven + Impact-Focused Projects

We hope to use our creative and digital skills for good. Thus, we mainly work on projects that have a positive social impact.


Human-Centered + Intentional Experiences

Our underlying passion is to deliver Webflow website experiences that solve problems and further creative initiatives.

Our Team

If you'd like to join our team, you can explore our Apprenticeship Program and our Volunteer Team. Learn more about the Rita XYZ Apprenticeship Program on the Apprenticeship Program page and learn more about our Rita XYZ Volunteer Team on the Volunteer Team page.

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Let's make a dent in the universe together.

There's care behind our creativity, drive behind our designs, and thoughtfulness behind our technology.