Introducing Rita XYZ

By Rita Team

Hey everyone! We're so excited to introduce you all to Rita XYZ, a diverse creative, technology, and design collective bringing diverse creative initiatives to life through innovation and fresh perspectives.

Our mission is to support creative initiatives led by women and people of color, especially those just starting out with limited resources, while also giving next-up innovators, technologists, and designers an opportunity to support purpose-driven and impact-focused projects.

We understand the challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out with limited resources. That's why we offer highly discounted services to new and non-funded initiatives. And in order to still deliver high quality products while meeting clients where they are financially, we've assembled a unique team that possesses all the necessary research, design, and development skills. Our collective combines the rich expertise and experience from our leadership team and the fresh perspectives from our next-up innovators. We're certain that our unique team and intentional makeup, combined with our focus on quality, intention, and impact, will help client projects reach new heights.

More specifically, our services include Brand Design, Creative Design, Mobile App Design, Responsive Website Design, Website Development, and Website Management. In order to produce thoughtful and intentional experience for our clients, our team takes on a limited number of projects each quarter - typically 1-2. We work in quarters: quarter 1 being January to March, quarter 2 being April to June, quarter 3 being July to September, and quarter 4 being October to December.

A key part of our collective is our Apprenticeship Program. We understand how competitive and saturated the bootcamp-infused tech and design market is. We also understand how hard it is to get hired with no experience when experience is required. This is why we've created and positioned our Apprenticeship Program at the core of Rita XYZ. Our program will give tech and design beginners tangible experience they can legitimately include on their resumes and portfolios. We consider this a win-win, both for our apprentices and our clients.

We could not be more excited. Thank you all in advance for your support. Here's to supporting diverse creatives across the board! And please feel free to reach out if you have any questions for our team.

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