The Rita XYZ Apprenticeship

By Rita Team

A key part of our collective is our Apprenticeship Program - and we're so excited to invite you all to be a part of it! 

At Rita XYZ, we feel super passionate about supporting diverse creatives. The wider Rita XYZ exists to support creative initiatives by diverse creatives, but our Apprenticeship Program is specifically designed to support tech and design beginners.

Our goal is to help tech and design beginners overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the tech and design industry: getting hired with no experience when experience is required.

With the tech and design market being incredibly competitive and saturated, it can be challenging for beginners to get their foot in the door. Our apprenticeship program addresses this issue head-on by providing tech and design beginners with tangible, real-world experience that they can include on their resumes and portfolios. Our apprentices will work on real projects with real clients, giving them the opportunity to build a strong portfolio and gain the necessary experience to jumpstart their careers.

At Rita XYZ, we view our apprenticeship program as a win-win for both our apprentices and our clients. Our apprentices get the opportunity to build their portfolios and gain valuable experience, while our clients get the chance to work with talented and motivated apprentices who bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table.

In full transparency, Rita XYZ doesn't make any money. All client fees help pay for Rita XYZ Apprentice stipends. We simply exist to support diverse creatives, no matter what side of the table.

We're committed to helping tech and design beginners reach their full potential and make a positive impact in the tech and design industry. If you're a tech or design beginner looking for an opportunity to build your portfolio, gain experience, and jumpstart your career, consider applying for the Rita XYZ Apprenticeship Program today.

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