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Why Our Apprenticeship Program Exists

Considering how competitive and saturated the bootcamp-infused tech and design market is, we understand how hard it is to get hired with no experience when experience is required.

This is why our apprenticeship program is at the core of Rita XYZ. Our program will give tech and design beginners the necessary experience they need to make all the difference in the tech and design career journeys.

Rita XYZ will bring in real clients with real projects, therefore, giving tech and design beginners tangible experience they can legitimately include on their resumes and portfolios.

Supporting Our Community

Both Rita Lab and Rita XYZ aim to support diverse creatives, technologists, and designers. That’s why Rita XYZ will live alongside Rita Lab.

Specifically, Rita XYZ will provide an apprenticeship opportunity to Rita Lab community members. This will make Rita XYZ’s recruitment process more efficient and meaningful.

Apprentice Roles

Product Manager

Rita XYZ Product Managers work with all team members to ensure everything is moving in the right direction, work is being completed on time, and project goals are being met. Our Product Managers are the engine that keeps the car moving.


While Rita XYZ Designers will mainly focus on Product/UX Mobile and Responsive Web Design projects, Rita XYZ Designers also work on Brand Identity, Creative Assets, and adjacent Design work.


Rita XYZ Developers mainly focus on bringing web experiences to life through low-code web builders like Webflow, but at times leverage coding skills to push the potential of the given project whether web or email.

Applications are open! Apply now!

Are you ready to take the first official step in starting your tech or design career? We look forward to reviewing your application!

Not ready to apply yet?

If you're not ready yet but interested in applying in the future, drop your email below! We'll notify you when future apprenticeship cohorts open. They open every quarter, so you'll have plenty of opportunities!

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