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Help us support diverse creatives.

Our Impact

At the end of the day, our primary goal is to support diverse creatives, whether they are tech and design innovators or small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Rita XYZ was created to support diverse creatives by creating an environment where they support one another. This creates a win-win scenario for both tech and design innovators and small business owners.

We achieve this through mission- and purpose-driven projects -specifically by bringing Webflow websites to life. The premium website services we offer are are always affordable in order to support small businesses owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out with limited resources.

Volunteer Opportunities


Join our dedicated team in the pursuit of philanthropic support. Your efforts will aid in connecting with donors and securing vital contributions to fuel our mission.


Become a key player in forging strategic alliances with businesses and organizations. Your collaboration will establish and nurture partnerships that bring mutual benefits.

New Business

Help our agency thrive by seeking out new client opportunities. Your proactive approach will ensure we continually evolve and expand our clientele.


Dive into the world of event planning and execution with us. Your expertise will be essential in organizing, coordinating, and ensuring the success of our brand events.

Email Marketing

Channel your email marketing skills using MailChimp to reach our audience. Craft compelling narratives and designs that engage and inform our subscribers.

Social Channels

Elevate our social media presence across platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. Curate, manage, and analyze content to foster community engagement and brand awareness.


Showcase your artistic talents in crafting visually stunning promotional materials. From banners to graphics, your creations will amplify our brand's voice and aesthetic.

Join our team!

Take the next step in making a tangible impact with Rita XYZ. Submit your application and join a team committed to supporting diverse creatives.

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