OUR Volunteer team

Help us support diverse creatives.

Our Impact

We support the entrepreneurial pursuits of diverse small business owners and the careers of diverse technologists. We do this by creating an environment where diverse creatives can support each other which, in turn, creates a win-win scenario for both. We exclusively take on mission- and purpose-driven projects, furthering our impact.

The premium digital services we offer are are always affordable in order to support small businesses owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out with limited resources. We're able to offer our partners significant discounts in order to keep prices as low as possible thanks to: 1. the generous donations we accept and receive and 2. our network of volunteers. Our volunteers keep the administrative and operational things running smoothly. Our volunteers also allow our project teams to exclusively focus on project work.

At the end of the day, our primary goal is to support diverse creatives, whether they are small business owners or technologists. By joining our volunteer team, you can help us increase our impact of supporting the entrprenueral pursuits of diverse small business ownsers and the careers of diverse technologists.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please Note: Our volunteers don't work on small business project work. Our volunteers make progress on activities and tasks that allow small business project work to take place.

By joining our volunteer team, you will help us accomplish our mission and make project work possible. If you believe in a world where more diverse small businesses and technologists should succeed, then you should consider joining our volunteer team.


We're able to offer our partners discounts because of the donations we receive. We see a future where diverse small businesses pay $0 for our premium digital services. For now, your efforts will aid in connecting with donors and securing vital contributions to fuel our mission.

Strategic Partnerships

Become a key player in forging strategic alliances with businesses and organizations. Your collaboration will establish and nurture partnerships that bring mutual benefits and help us increase our impact.

Project Partnerships

Help our collective bring on new projects. Your proactive approach will ensure we continue to bring on new projects by continuously connecting us with new and exciting diverse small businesses.


We think of ourselves as a collective in terms of project work, but we think of ourselves as a community in terms of how we're focused on supporting diverse creatives. Help us build and expand our community by planning and hosting events. You will be essential in organizing, coordinating, and ensuring the success of our community events.

Email Marketing

Rita FYI is our unified newsletter connecting our three core Rita initiatives: Rita Lab, Rita ABC, and Rita XYZ. However, Rita FYI is mainly a weekly tech news roundup for small business owners and technologists looking to stay up to date with the latest in tech. By supporting our email marketing efforts, you will help us connect and engage with our Rita XYZ community through our Rita FYI newsletter.

Social Channels

We're really excited to start to develop our social media presence and grow our community through social media channels. We have some excited plans for content we want to create and share. Your efforts will help us grow our digital reach without worrying about silly vanity metrics.


While our project teams focus on elevating the brand and creative for the small businesses we partner with, you'll help us elevate our own brand and creative. 2024 is the year for Rita XYZ - and your contributions will help us create compelling visuals to tell our story to the world.

Join our team!

Take the next step in making a tangible impact with Rita XYZ. Submit your application and join a team committed to supporting diverse creatives.